Asian Bridge Capital Limited

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Huang Zhong

Born in Shanghai, China in 1955, and lives in Hong Kong S.A.R. in 1995. In 2015, he found the Asian Bridge Capital.
In 1977, he graduated from Fudan University, a foreign language school of political economy. He had a long career in the industry prior to the Asian Bridge Capital, Shanghai International Group (CITIC), Nomura Securities Shanghai, Nomura International, Mizuho Securities Asia, China Everbright Securities International, engaged in operations such as banks, asset management, investment banks, M&A advisors.
Capital Limited (Sub-bridge Capital Co., Ltd.) was established.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong S.A.R.
Asian Bridge Capital Limited
Founder&CEO: HUANG Zhongquan

Business activities:
Advising on corporate development and financing, building alliances, and supporting and implementing M&A strategies.
Management philosophy: Leveraging the experience of asset management and investment banking to capitalize on the network and experience of Asia, such as China and Japan, to bridge the mutual development of Asian companies.

Company Address: 5/F, Tower2, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Hong Kong S.A.R. Gold Bell Road No. 89 Treasure Center 2nd seat 5th Floor
Contact: Hong Kong S.A.R. (852) 6595-5806 China (86) 187-1773-0391
Email: Huangzq (at)

Atsuji Ohara assists Mr.Huang Zhong in terms of investment and research including other areas and mining sectors.

Business alliances between Japan and China
* Medical instruments: Japan m and the Chinese Department of Technology introduction of fiber scope and production in China.
* Proposal, preparation, and the establishment of Beijing Chunichi Friendship Hospital (Hospital facility) Japan K and Chinese sanitation department.
* Investment and management of the Shanghai Garden Hotel by Nomura Securities.
* Regional development: planning, development, and the stock listing of the Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co Ltd (600663: Shanghai)
* Capital investment: the introduction of investors from around the world such as China when a number of companies came to Hong Kong S.A.R. listed.
* Equity investment: Chinese investors Hong Kong S.A.R. shares, Japan stocks, world, Japan investors investment advice to Chinese stocks.

Mr. Huang Zhong is a partner in charge of Japan business, and we participate in the Devin Capital Management Company Limited in Shenzhen.

The Devin Capital Management Company is a fund management company which integrates the business development of the listed company, the M&A business of the global strategy, the Government Industrial Guidance Fund, the capital stock issuance (PO) investment, the diversification strategy of the enterprise, the advice of the overseas listing, and the investment and the lending business. Kaitoku Asset Management is a company under the Qianhaiwan Stock Exchange Center. The company will take advantage of its advantages such as the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen city government, Qianhaiwan Management Bureau, CITIC Securities, National Credit securities, and Yasunobu securities networks to participate as shareholders, with listed companies, local governments, and major private companies.

Taken total investment and M&A funds have been established. Renew the generation of corporate products and build up competitiveness, “in accordance with our policy to serve and uphold our customers, to protect our trust, and to win the match, we believe that TMT, AI manufacturing, information technology, cultural education, new materials, new energy and environment, biopharmaceutical, jewelry, etc.
We are advancing to a leading M&A management fund in China with the policy of investing in diversified industries with growth potential.

Company Address: Bldg 37, Shenzhen Securities Trading Center, Shenzhen-Minami-shi, Fukuda-ku, Shenzhen, China

Contact Tel:(86) 755 ₋ 8866 ₋ 4152 (86) 187-1773-0391
Website (Chinese ONLY):

Business activities Major Industries
-Global M&A
-Equity funds
-Capital raising
-Hedge funds
-Asset Management
-Medical care
-Mass consumption
-Fine Chemical
-Children’s Education
-Culture and Sports

The management members of the company are from the world’s top investment banks, including BNP Paribas, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citic Securities and Construction Bank International. The operations members are from leading central companies and industry top companies such as Huawei, Maḥalla Kubrā and Rui. M&A and research members are comprised of University of Cambridge, Peking University, People’s University of China, and graduate School of Economics at Nankai University.

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